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About us

We are a mother and daughter matching outfits boutique

based in Clontarf, Dublin. Owned and operated by Ela

with incredible assistance from her 5 year old daughter Holly.

The aim is to deliver the highest standard brand.

With an outstanding quality and fabulous style to compliment

the unique matching element of the collection.

Our collection is based on an idea of mother and daughter

matching outfits for mammies and their girls who are just like us...

we both love fashion!

It all started when we were attending a family wedding just after Holly was born and I really wanted to match with my little girl.

As I shopped, I found it almost impossible to purchase high quality full matching outfits for us that would suit the occasion,

so I approached my mother to make our first matching pink tutus!


We still get excited when we see each and every one of our customers’ feedback and photos, so please share them on as this is something we thrive off. Love to you all,

We hope you enjoy our boutique as much as we do x

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